What Is Consumer Neuroscience Research?

Simply put, it is a collective term for consumer research that leverages advanced neuroscience and biometric tools to measure non-verbal responses to stimuli.

Many of today’s traditional research tools (e.g., focus groups and surveys) rely on the consumer’s ability to accurately verbalize their responses to stimuli, which is captured at a singular point in time.

The sole reliance on traditional tools results in an incomplete representation of the consumer’s true emotions, because most people lack access to how they really feel. When verbalizing a response, we naturally rationalize the way we feel and, in the process, a consumer’s true response may be distorted. Further, traditional tools typically capture responses at a fixed point in time; whereas neuroscience tools passively measure responses moment-by-moment during an experience.

While the marketplace for neuroscience and biometric tools has grown tremendously in the last decade, our team embraces only the best, state-of-the-art tools that meet the highest standards for accurate response measurement. In addition to rigorously testing and validating our existing suite of tools, we are continually ideating and developing new tools.

We integrate traditional and neuroscience tools to drive insights that reflect an understanding of the consumer holistically. Learn more about our philosophy.

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