Our Philosophy

Not so long ago, if people wanted to get their news or be entertained, they all gathered around a TV for their appointment viewing. The rate of innovation was slow, reflecting change at a pace of roughly one major innovation per decade.

Today, the way entertainment content is accessed continues to grow exponentially, which is a boon for consumers, but a growing challenge for the industry. With so many viewing platforms and on-demand viewing patterns, how do we measure and understand the effectiveness of the media and marketing investments?

In this environment, where change is the only constant, our team knows there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to your research questions. With our philosophy, we are leading the charge in redefining how consumer research is performed with research methods that mirror the pace of innovation in the marketplace.

With our method agnostic approach we optimize experimental designs by choosing the right tools based on your question, instead of applying a uniform method across the board.

We fundamentally believe how we look at consumers is critical to the success of navigating the marketing and media landscape. We believe in looking at the consumer as a whole, not measuring just what they say, but also what they feel, which many times consumers cannot easily articulate. By integrating traditional and neuroscience tools, we are able to paint a complete picture of the consumer.

Perhaps most important, our philosophy is grounded in the Scientific Method. This ensures our studies provide empirically-derived answers to your specific research question.

We believe a lab environment is an optimal place for conducting consumer research, particularly when neuroscience tools are deployed. Across our labs, we’ve designed every environment to be consistent. This ensures we are able to isolate variables in our experimental designs without introducing outside noise within a study and produce results you can trust.

We strive to replicate a natural environment and simulate how a consumer would experience any type of content in the real world. Across both our locations, we have 9 mock living room environments and over 70 NeuroQube stations. The living room environments are designed for single viewers, co-viewing and family viewing scenarios. The NeuroQube stations provide a scalable solution incorporating our full range of research tools to test single-screen and multi-screen content on any device.

This allows us to be confident in the measures that lead to our insights. We are so passionate about scientific rigor that we only consider the best, state-of-the-art tools, which meet the highest standards for accurate response measurement.

We continually test and validate our current tools, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We pride ourselves on ideating and developing tools and working to improve existing technologies when there is a void in the market. Our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation leads us to relentlessly pursue the next great solutions to best meet your needs today and in the future.

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