Media budgets are pulled in a myriad of directions amid the proliferation of media consumption platforms. It is a challenge to confidently know which platforms are the most engaging for your viewers and the most impactful for your advertising partners. Our team has unparalleled experience in answering critical media questions.

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Our passion to seek a better way to understand media’s impact on consumers has been in our DNA since we started. In collaboration with you, we will help inform how best to invest resources against the right media platforms. What is an ad’s impact on one platform vs. another or as part of a multiplatform strategy? Does brand integration provide a halo effect on a consumers’ recall of your ads? Contact us and learn how our team can help you answer those questions and more.

Media research offerings:

  • Ad & Platform Effectiveness
  • New Ad Model Optimization
  • Cross & Multi-Platform Effectiveness
  • Brand Integration & Sponsorships Effectiveness
  • Pod Architecture Optimization
  • Program Testing
  • Promotional Ad Testing


With so many platforms on which consumers can watch content, it can be difficult to be confident that your message is engaging or even breaking through. Our integrated approach allows you to have a holistic understanding of how consumers truly respond to your message. Custom
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Whether it’s testing for ad copy, logo placement or even understanding if your ad works best within a comedy or drama, we design the right experiment to control for variables so statistical differences are captured across executions in order to effectively measure performance. Even more, by replicating the environment in which consumers would likely view the ads, we are able to capture the most authentic read on their responses.

Advertising research offerings:

  • Copy Testing
  • Ad Effectiveness (TV, PC, Tablet, Mobile, Cinema, Print, Radio)
  • Cross-Platform/Multi-Platform Effectiveness
  • Sponsorships, Partnerships & Promotions Effectiveness
  • New Product Strategy & Development Testing


With consumers relying more and more on digital devices for content, entertainment and information, the user experience becomes paramount to effectively connecting with your brand or company.

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We help to optimize your strategies and monetize your investments by providing personalized research across the digital, social and technology spectrums.

We strongly believe that results are best derived from combining multiple data sources. Using our advanced suite of tools, we synthesize actionable insights to help you connect the dots, regardless of the type of connected device. Our skilled team of programmers and developers work with you to create custom user interfaces, providing turnkey solutions that deliver value above and beyond what is expected from traditional UX research.

Digital research offerings:
• Website/App Usability & User Experience
• Ad Effectiveness (PC, Tablet, Mobile)
• Cross & Multi-Platform
• Social Media


digital-circleCustom Research
Led by our Beyond :30 initiative, we continue to be at the forefront of media and marketing research, helping companies address the challenges of the evolving landscape. We are redefining the way research has traditionally been performed.

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We believe in collaborating with our partners to push beyond convention and offer novel solutions for tackling the most pressing questions in the industry.

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