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  • Post campaign evaluation to complement attribution and market mix models.

  • Cross-platform effects on cognition.

  • Measure attention, emotion, attitudes, and memory of your ads.

AdPulse XP is an affordable way to gain scientific insights about your ads. Traditional measures give you output metrics which give you the overall effect. Our methods measure the input metrics which help you understand WHY an effect is taking place.

Research participants are always exposed to real-life viewing experiences - never a clutter reel of ads.

Key Measures

Brand Recall | Purchase Intent | Ad Evaluations| Visual Attention | Cognitive Attention | Emotional Response | Joy & Humor

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Ad Testing Platforms


  • Participants will be able to choose which TV program they watch out of 3 or 4 choices of prime time shows.

  • The ad pods are carefully constructed and rotated so that your commercial doesn’t show up in the same position for every participant.


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  • Participants use our phones to log into their personal accounts.

  • As the participant scrolls through their own personal feed, the ads they they’re exposed to are ads that we’ve put their using our proprietary ad insertion technology.

  • You will have the full ability to experiment with your creative and even manipulate your ads to have a certain number of likes and/or comments.


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  • The participant uses our phones to interact with YouTube videos.

  • We control when and where the pre-roll ads are served.

  • Your ad can have the option to be skipped if desired.


  • Detailed Analysis (from each of the measures)

    • This includes a full report from the survey, eye tracking, and biometric results.

    • We’ll also put together a slide summarizing the key insights.

  • Normative survey data

    • In the survey report, we’ll include normative benchmark data from your brand category. These benchmarks come from hundreds of ads tested in previous lab studies.

  • Relevant Best Practices

    • We’ve learned a lot after 10+ years of conducting this type of research. We’ll include any outside learning that will help you use these findings to improve your future advertising.

  • Other

    • NeuroDial - This is a video that will visualize the biometric and eye tracking data in real time. With this tool, you’ll be able to watch your ad with the aggregate scores overlayed on the video. NeuroDials are not available for Facebook ads since each of the participants are having a different experience (in their own personal feeds). However, Individual eye tracking exemplars can be made available.

    • Personal Presentation - A member of the team will conduct a virtual or in-person presentation of the report for your staff.