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Custom Digital Environments

Our in house programming staff has the ability to create interactive mock environments on desktop, mobile, tablet, and OTT. If your study requires participants to use online platforms and you prefer to not use an existing branded platform, we can customize the experience to eliminate biases toward well known platforms. For example, if your study calls for an online news feed as the experience, we can create a custom unbranded news environment with the same look and feel as the major publishers.


New and Innovative Ad Formats

New ideas for ad formats come out every year. If you have a new idea that you would like to test, we can program it in-house and include it in your study.

These include:

  • Interactive and shoppable ads.

  • Pause ads (the viewer pauses and a brand appears on the screen).

  • Telescopic ads (the viewer chooses which brand/commercial they see).

  • Voice activation ads using the OTT remote.

  • Pop-up ads on YouTube or other online video.

Social Media

Ad Insertion on Social Media

With the success of social media and digital advertising in native environments, comes a need to conduct custom research that maximizes the potential of such environments when measuring their impact. We have developed a proprietary ad insertion software which allows us to inject test ads into a participant’s actual social media feed.