Understanding the Role of Short-Form Ads

Source: WARC and the Advertising Research Foundation

Authors: Dr. Duane Varan (MediaScience), Dr. Steven Bellman, Dr. Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Bruce McColl, Dr. Rachel Kennedy (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science), and partners of the Beyond :30 initiative.

Short-form ads that last approximately six seconds offer distinct benefits for brands, but should be used as part of a “portfolio” with more traditional, longer formats.

the average unaided brand recall from a seven-second ad – which was the format chosen as the research efforts began before six-second ads entered the mainstream – stood at 9%. That figure compared with 12% for a 15-second spot and 15% for a 30-second execution, and pointed towards a useful benchmark for brands.

“Yes, the six-second unit is a viable ad model, and it does deliver value,” said Varan. “That leads us to a relatively new principle – again, it’s only early research, but we’re hoping to see this replicated in future work – which is that a six-second ad delivers about 60% of the impact of a 30-second commercial.”

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