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End of Live Game Advertising

In live sports, you don’t know when the game is going to end. If the game ends early, there is a lot of content that is not very compelling before SportsCenter. We tested different approaches to using this space to find out the correct approach – so that the...

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Correctly Identifying In-Market Success

Correctly Identifying In-Market Success TLDR: Biometric, Eye tracking, and Facial Coding Data combined can better identify in-market success. In this collaborative study between Mars, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and MediaScience, our experimental design paired sales...

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The 2016 Presidential Debate

The 2016 Presidential Debate What People Say is Often Different from How They Feel   TLDR: Self-Report Data is often very limited and biometrics sometimes tell a different impact story. Understanding this limitation is critical in high importance situations -...

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Over the past 12 years, our team has worked with some of the most innovative and successful companies in over 500 custom, unique studies. We have test more than 50 new ad models over the years and are recognized in the industry for our work in new ad formats. Much of...

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Understanding the role of short-form ads

NEW YORK: Short-form ads that last approximately six seconds offer distinct benefits for brands, but should be used as part of a “portfolio” with more traditional, longer formats. Duane Varan, CEO of research firm MediaScience, made these recommendations during a...

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