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  • Test sessions stream to the respondent using their OTT streaming device.

  • The content can be a simple video selection or an interactive OTT experience.

  • The experience can be unbranded or we can re-create a network or content provider’s streaming service.

StreamPulse™ is an over-the-top TV app that allows research participants to take part in a study in the comfort of their own home. After the viewing session is complete, the survey will appear either on their TV or their mobile device. Its up to you.

Just like in the lab, StreamPulse™ allows you to control which conditions each participant is exposed to. For example, the experience for group A could have a cluttered ad environment while group B experiences limited ad breaks. This capability can be coupled with lab-based research for a holistic view of research results.

Key Measures

Brand Recall | Purchase Intent | Ad Evaluations | Program/Service Evaluations | Intent to Use/Return to Service


Experiment Topics

  • Program/Pilot Testing

  • User Interface Testing

  • Brand Integration Testing

  • Sports Broadcast Testing

  • Advertising Research

    • Cluttered vs. limited ad breaks

    • Testing new ad models

    • Creative testing