Our labs are equipped with different environments for the participant to take part in your study. Depending on what the methodology is, we’ll recommend the right testing environment(s) for your study.

The NeuroQubes®

The Living Rooms

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The NeuroQubes® are our workhorses. These individual viewing stations provide for a comfortable experience for the participant. Each NeuroQube is equipped with personal TVs, noise-isolating headphones, biometric equipment, eye tracking equipment, and facial coding cameras.

We have over 100 NeuroQube® viewing stations across all of the labs.

NeuroQube® stations provide a scalable solution to incorporate any combination of our traditional and neuroscience tools to test single and multi-screen content on any device.

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The living rooms allow research participants to be fully immersed in a real life viewing environment with many comforts of home. Each Living Room is equipped with a large flat screen TV, PC desk, biometric equipment, eye tracking equipment, and facial coding cameras.

We have 9 Living Rooms across all of the labs.

Platforms used in the living rooms include TV, PC, Mobile, Tablet, and OTT.

The Studio Apartment

Focus Group Rooms

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When clients are interested in group of family co-viewing, our mock studio apartment is perfectly appointed. This modern home-like space is equipped with a large couch, flat-screen TV, full kitchen, and necessary testing equipment and cameras. The studio apartment is a great environment to observe how participants interact with TV and smart speakers - such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Focus groups can be a valuable add on to a larger experiment. All of our labs come equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in-case they’re ever needed. Each of the facilities are equipped with large TVs and use camera systems for observation (versus the older two way mirror method). Clients can observe their sessions in a different room with multiple camera angles and other on-screen capabilities.

If you are a focus group facility and are interested in upgrading your equipment, we’d be happy to help.